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36kV Ring Main Unit
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SecoRMU 36kV Ring Main Unit

The power industry realizes the need for a Modular Ring Main Unit (RMU) in an ever growing secondary distribution sector, primarily driven by the saving and incentive offered to the HV energy consumer market and energy retailers.  These are typical installations with distributed electrical loads of up to 10MVA.  It is in this application where extendable RMU is best applied to handle the initial and future electrical loads.
GE’s SecoRMU is a solution for 33kV secondary distribution networks with its fully modular design to provide the power industry with highly reliable , compact and safe power equipment .  It has a fully sealed system with a 3mm thick stainless steel tank containing all the live components and switching functions.

Features and Benefits

Safe and Reliable
  • Both the gas tank and cable compartment are internal arc classified (AFLR 20kA/1s), ensuring maximum personal safety. When an internal arc fault occurs, the pressure relief device will open, allowing the pressurized gas to flow via the arc duct away from the operator
  • All the high voltage live parts are fully sealed in the gas tank and free from environmental impacts. Therefore, SecoRMU is suitable for use under severe operating conditions with the primary live parts remaining maintenance free
  • Panel connected together without any clearance between them, which protects the switchgear against the harmful effects of dust, water, solid foreign objects etc., realize high reliability
  • Successfully proven by 500 hour salt fog test suitable for highly corrosive environments
  • SecoRMU is equipped with reliable mechanical and electrical interlocking system. Castell and  Fortress key interlocking solutions are also available, guarantees safety of personnel, safety of equipment, and continuity of operation



Compact Design
  • An optimized electric field design combined with excellent insulating performance, results in a compact switchgear product that operates safely and reliably
  • Existing switchgear rooms can be used more effectively
  • Suits application in very compact areas



Very Low Maintenance
  • Heat loss (I2R) is mainly caused by circuit resistance. The main circuit resistance of SecoRMU is small resulting in low heat losses and less thermal stress on the equipment
  • The 3mm thick stainless steel gas tank is manufactured by laser cutting and laser welding process. Its sealing is systematically checked by automatic helium leakage detection process, ensuring less than 0.1% annual leakage rate
  • Very low maintenance and operation cost, resulting in a lower total cost of ownership
  • Modular design Extendable and Combine Freely
  • The basic functional modules being the load break switch panel, switch-fuse panel and circuit breaker panel have uniform width (440mm). Convenient for system design, flexible replacement and upgrading
  • Each unit can be extended to the left or right
  • Joined together by plug-in busbar connectors and the modular nature of the panel ensure ease of installation and extension without the need for extra gas handling activities on site
  • The big cable compartment also ensures a convenient cable installation and connection