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CAR Series
Industrial Solutions


The CAR Series of front-end rectifiers provide highly efficient isolated power from worldwide input mains in a compact 1U industry standard form factor providing an unprecedented power density of 25W/in3. These rectifiers are ideal for applications where mid to light load efficiency is of key importance given the nature of the power consumption of the end application. The CAR Series rectifiers provide comprehensive solutions for systems connected to commercial AC mains, power plants or telecom central offices.


The plug-and-play product offers significant advantages as systems can be reconfigured and repositioned readily by simply replacing the power supply. The high-density, front-to-back airflow is designed for minimal space utilization and is highly expandable for future growth. The industry standard PMBus compliant I2C communications bus offers a full range of control and monitoring capabilities while the SMBAlert signal pin alerts customers automatically of any state change within the power supply.

Power Modules Input Input Range Vout Iout Efficiency Buy Now
CAR0812FP PDF AC 85 - 264V 12V 70.8A 93% buy_now
CAR0812DC PDF Icon DC 85 - 264V 12V 70.8A 93% buy_now
CAR1212FP PDF Icon AC 85 - 264V 12V 104A 89% buy_now
CAR1212DC PDF Icon DC 36 - 75V 12V 100A 90% buy_now
CAR1248FP PDF Icon AC 85 - 264V 48V 25A 91% buy_now
CAR1248TN PDF Icon AC 90 - 264V 54V 22A 91% buy_now
CAR1612FP PDF Icon AC 85 - 264V 12V 134A 95% buy_now
CAR2012TE PDF Icon AC 85 - 264V 12V 167A 95% buy_now
CAR2024FP PDF Icon AC 180 - 264V 24V 83A 91% buy_now
CAR2512FP PDF Icon AC 90 - 264V 12V 208A 92% buy_now
CAR2512TE PDF Icon AC 90 - 264V 12V 208A 95% buy_now
CAR2548FP PDF Icon AC 90 - 264V 48V 52A 92% buy_now
CAR2548TN PDF Icon AC 90 - 264V 54V 52A 92% buy_now
CAR2548DC PDF Icon DC 36 - 75V 48V 52A 91% buy_now
CAR2912TE AC 90 - 264V 12V 242A 93% buy_now


Features and Benefits

  • Available in models ranging from 800W to 2900W
  • Outputs availble in 12V, 48 & 54V configurations
  • Vin = 90 to 264VAC (full power at high line, reduced power at low line)
  • Vout,aux of 5 or 3.3V @ 4A, or 12V @ 1A
  • PMBus digital interface OVP/OTP/OCP with constant current
  • Paralleling with active current sharing
  • UL/TUV, CSA, VDE and CCC with 5000m
  • Dimensions : IU Height, see individual specification sheet for actual model dimensions


  • 12V Distributed Power Architecture
  • Datacom/Telecom Applications
  • Routers/Switches
  • Automatic Test Equipment


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